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Open 6 days
(Tuesday Closed)
11:00am ~ 9:30pm

42 Dixon Road,Milpitas, CA 95035

Tel: 408-956-9051
Fax: 408-956-9031


About us by our customers's reviews on yelp; thank you!...

This place is awesome!

I came here with my dad and family friend. Between the 3 of us, we ordered 1 soup and 3 dishes:

-Hot and Sour Soup
-Clams in Black Bean Sauce
-Mongolian Beef
-Salt and Pepper Fish Fillet
-White Rice

Everything was tasty and I was so full I could barely breathe. The portions are ridiculously huge here. We literally barely finished half the food we ordered. All the other tables took home food too! My boyfriend and I shared the leftovers the entire next day. I've never brought home so many leftovers before.

These 4 dishes were $40 INCLUDING tax and tip. $40 between 3 people plus a bunch of leftovers? OH YEAH.

Although the wait was long, the employee did warn us before hand and the food was great. We all enjoyed our time here even though it was really busy. I definitely think this place gives you so much bang for your buck and I can't wait to come back to try more on the menu!    -reviewed by Enza from Milpitas-

Village House is the latest eatery from the Little Potato/Little Shen Yang group. hot pot is in da village house. food categories are by price(5.95, 6.95, 8.50, as well as hot pots, grilled meats, appetizers...) specialities different category, pricing varies. (8.5-12.95)

menu includes beijing, dongbei, shanghai, szechwan and mandarin entrees..

-xiao lung bao(5.95) ran out
-dan dan noodles(5.95)
huge portion, enough for 2, sphaghetti like noodles and spicy brown pork sauce
-mandarin spareribs(6.95)
slightly overfried, fatty meats, very sweet.
-spicy braised beef tendon soup(5.95)
ma la spicy, tender tendons, veggies, 

-every dish twice the size of other eateries, deliz  and cheaper 5 stars
-service almost nonexistent, tea is refilled magically without a word.
-weekdays may close at 2:30 for break.
-food 5 stars for quantity, 4.5 for quality. service 2ish. inconsistent
-expect to spend 1 hour here, 1/2 the time waiting for a table, waiting for someone 
to take your order, waiting for food to come.
-bring book, mags, newspaper or cellphone to pass the time.
-cash only...
-reviewed by Victor from Oakland-